Are You 🔎 For 🇩🇪 Speaking 👩‍🔬 in 🇨🇮?

To these great folks: Szandra, Louisa, Tünde, Tomi and Joele

We were having a superb Sourcing Masterclass* today where I was explaining how to x-ray Instagram to find candidates. Well, Instagram is not like LinkedIn but it can occasionally be helpful if you are running out of candidates. The search part is tricky as users often don’t share too many professional details about themselves so an x-ray search may only reveal limited information.

That’s what I thought. Until…

…until we suddenly realized that yeah… people may not use words but often use emojis in their bio. And you know what?




Are you looking for German-speaking scientists in Ireland? This is how you get them: 🇩🇪 👩‍🔬 🇨🇮 Alternatively, this string can also work: 🇩🇪 👩‍🔬 Dublin Or this one: 🇩🇪 🔬 Dublin.

Are you looking for Dutch-speakers in Hungary? Here we go: 🇳🇱 Budapest

These people potentially are nurses or doctors (MDs) in Manchester, UK: 👩‍⚕️ Manchester

And these ones?! 💣 No, I don’t want to know that. 😅

Lesson learnt: ALWAYS try to imagine how your potential candidates display information on their profiles. Use your inner Sourcing Animal eye. Not yet having one? Join the Sourcing Masterclass* and I help you get there.

Happy Sourcing!

*PS. I’m planning to have the next Sourcing Masterclasses in July 2020. Interested? Please get in touch with us!

Header photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash


  1. and this is how you’ll find mega-users “k followers” (funnily “k followers” seems to be the right pattern and not something like “200k..300k followers”)

  2. Hello,
    Thanks for this idea, seems to be very useful when running out of candidates. I am wondering how we insert emojies in a search? Do we need to code them?
    Many thanks in advance,

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