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romantic fantasy with much love and some blood

A good friend of mine, an exceptionally talented young sourcer, let’s call him Bobby Curaçao, is present on almost each and every dating site. Well, these are not websites, as I was corrected by Bobby, but mobile apps with usually no (or not too developed) desktop applications. Who knew? It is, as he calls it: true love straight into your pocket.

Now, I must admit, in the last, say, fifteen f61688f19df951b2e9a3ad075497d24byears, I have totally lacked any reason to try out these apps (and btw I AM still lacking, ok?), so all the things that Bobby recently showed me were quite new and surprising. Wow!… these present days must be very pleasant and interesting to a twenty-something years old guy…

Anyway. We are not here to talk about love (and btw you should never talk about love, as Bobby often reminds me, ha!).