Nothing shows better the infancy of a profession (professional field or domain) than the lack of in-depth discussion and argument around its basics. Think about all the new recruiting sciences such as big data, candidate experience or so: thousands of practitioners are echoing each others’ thoughts without providing less than little value and real expertise on the bottom line.

This is of course the case with sourcing, still, today. Too few experts really understand what and what not sourcing is.

A giant though, Glen Cathey, has recently proposed a new universal definition of sourcing, and while sourcing is certainly a big mess in the minds, no one took the time (or got the inspiration?) to argue with that. Is it because we all think Glen is ultimately right? There is nothing to add to that? Does that definition describe what you (yes, you, Sourcer-Reader) do day by day? Are you happy with that? Are you happy with the limitations of that definition? Does that make you successful? You feel good? Nothing else you want to achieve? (more…)