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Today is the day to prepare for tomorrow’s hiring 

While the current economies are slowing down and many companies have to temporarily hold back their growth plans we all know that downtime does not last forever and businesses will grow again and gain a new (and probably even greater) competitive shape.

Leverage this time to start building your future talent base. This is the perfect moment to do that! You have some spare time? You have recruiters in place? Let them learn the sourcing growth mindset and set them succeed against tomorrow’s hiring requirements.

In this webinar Balazs has shared numerous ways to build enormous talent pipelines via massive sourcing automation and technology. Some of the highlights of the training:

✅  Talent mapping best practices: how to map every candidate at certain target companies

✅  Enormous talent pipeline build via LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, other social and search engines

✅  Data scraping solutions – from free tools to more complex paid solutions

✅  Automated sourcing activities: research, data processing, candidate outreach and engagement

✅  The ultimate Talent Pipelining Toolkit that every recruiter needs to have under their belt (plugins, websites, CRM applications and so)

Get the recording & the slides:

➡️  Non-Hungarian companies and natural persons: 20,000 HUF (app. 57 EUR / 65 USD)



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