Just One Class

39 000 Ft


If you’ve already joined one of our previous Sourcing Masterclass courses and want to join just one of the new classes – select this feature!

Pick the class (or classes) from the below list and make your order accordingly. Don’t forget to adjust the counter if you are interested in more than 1 class.

  1. IT World Overview*
  2. Search I. LinkedIn and major search concepts
  3. Search II. Google, x-ray and web searches
  4. Search III. Social networks and beyond
  5. Search IV. IT & Tech sourcing
  6. Engagement I: Finding contact details
  7. Engagement II. Candidate outreach strategies
  8. Sourcing Toolkit I. The Sourcing Masterclass Toolkit
  9. Sourcing Toolkit II. Sourcing Automation and Sourcing DIY

* The 1st IT World Overview class takes place in March 2022

The cost of the Just One Class opportunity is only 39,000 HUF/class (105 EUR / 119 USD).

Your package will include:

  • Live participation of the selected class
  • Class duration: 90 minutes (each)
  • Quizzes related to the selected class
  • 1-month-long access to the recording and slides of the class
  • Lifetime access to our Sourcing Masterclass Community

See you there!

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