80 000 Ft



Book 1-2-1 mentoring sessions with Balazs Paroczay and shape together your Talent Acquisition strategy till perfection!

Mentoring fee is 80,000 HUF/hour and a minimum of 10 hours shall be booked in advance. 

An hourly mentoring fee will be charged after any of these activities:

  • In-person or online consultation (brainstorming, case analysis, mentoring sessions etc.)
  • Creation of various recruiting and sourcing strategies, white papers or other templates and documentation
  • Research, report creation and other analyses that the Mentor needs to proceed with to support the Client

Having worked with Balazs in a previous organisation, he was the first person we sought out to provide mentorship to ThoughtWorks during the establishment and initial build-out of our global sourcing set-up. His unique expertise was a great help to us, in defining the structure, value mapping, delivery metrics and played a key role in setting the model up for success with the wider business leadership. These foundations have now lead to a 400% growth in sourcing team size and a 2000% growth in delivery output over a 24 month period.

Neil Casey, Global Head of Sourcing, ThoughtWorks

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