Sourcing Leadership Seminar (Slides & Tools, ENG)

55 000 Ft


Get every slide and tool of the recent Sourcing Leadership Seminar. This curriculum is dedicated to HR and Talent Acquisition Leaders who either want to build a sourcing capability from scratch or seek inspiration to innovate their existing operations.

Learn about every aspect of Sourcing Leadership: from conceptual and strategic questions till the very hands on, operational topics as well.

Balazs Paroczay, the author of this Seminar, has gained more than sixteen years of international Sourcing Leadership experience.

Balazs has built large-scale sourcing operations (employing hundreds of sourcers) and also worked as the Global Sourcing Vice President at a leading recruitment service provider company.

He’s currently a Global Sourcing Advisor to various global brands.

Having worked with Balazs in a previous organisation, he was the first person we sought out to provide mentorship to ThoughtWorks during the establishment and initial build-out of our global sourcing set-up. His unique expertise was a great help to us, in defining the structure, value mapping, delivery metrics and played a key role in setting the model up for success with the wider business leadership. These foundations have now lead to a 400% growth in sourcing team size and a 2000% growth in delivery output over a 24 month period.
Neil Casey, Global Head of Sourcing, ThoughtWork

Get 300+ slides and 10+ tools only for € 149 (55,000 HUF) and you will also receive an hour-long complimentary 1-2-1 strategic sourcing leadership consultation with Balazs.

1. Building A Bulletproof Sourcing Capability 

✅ Selling sourcing to your stakeholders – the Value Of Sourcing

✅ Sourcing service portfolio design

✅ Bringing a concept into life: how to operationalize sourcing?

✅ The ultimate Sourcing Tech Stack

✅ Sourcing and GDPR

🎁 Gift: Sourcing Templates – All You Need! (intake call, sourcing strategy document, candidate submission template etc.)

2. Managing Sourcing Success & Efficiency

✅  Achieving maximum productivity and efficiency with sourcing

✅  Workload & stakeholder management

✅  Sourcing measurement, reporting and analytics

✅  Hiring Sourcing Skillset: what is the right sourcing DNA?

✅  Agile Sourcing and other Sourcing Ops Methods

🎁 Gift: Sourcing productivity and performance tools

3. Till Sourcing Innovation And Beyond

✅  The Evolution Of Sourcing – what does the future bring?

✅  Managing Cost Saving

✅  Running Continuous Improvement in Sourcing

✅  AI, Automation and Robotics in Sourcing

✅  Global Sourcing Models (10 real case studies!)

🎁 Gift: Sourcing Technology Map – what’s available on the market

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