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The Sourcing Masterclass is an end-to-end sourcing curriculum that covers every aspect of sourcing:

✅ research mastery (search concepts, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google, Bing, Twitter etc.)

✅ candidate outreach and engagement best practices

✅ sourcing toolkit and technology.

The final content of the Sourcing Masterclass is always customized to the participants’ markets and job families, therefore, our customers will be able to immediately apply the new knowledge on their positions right after the courses.

Over the week we share more than 10 hours of sourcing wisdom and expertise while we also provide 1-2-1 sourcing practice sessions with the trainer. The five classes are:

  1. Search as a Master Detective!
  2. Sourcing beyond the obvious
  3. Finding everyone’s contact details
  4. Candidate outreach & engagement best practices
  5. Sourcing automation and other productivity tools

The fee of the whole course is 165,000 HUF (app. 480 EUR / 545 USD)

Time: 18-25. January 2021.


Sourcing starts as a thought – technology just delivers what we tell them to deliver. Join this class and learn about the seven core sourcing concepts that help you shape and sharpen your thinking. I make you find your inner sourcing animal – ready for this challenge?   

  1. Your Inner Sourcing Animal and six other core sourcing concepts
  2. Hardcore Boolean Mastery
  3. All you need to know about LinkedIn and the giant search engines (Google, Bing, Yandex stb.)
  4. Bonus: our Boolean Builder tool that eliminates the need to pay anymore for LinkedIn Recruiter 

Practice: composing perfect Boolean strings on your positions


This session is dedicated to those recruiters who work on positions that cannot be easily filled with LinkedIn searches (e.g. nurses, technicians etc.). And certainly to those, too, who are keen to not rely on one channel only… 😉

  • Channels we are going to discover
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Instagram
    • Meetups and other events
    • Associations, societies 
    • Forums 
  • Tools that help you max out your searches on the above channels

Practice: live searches on your positions


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You'll get even more:

1️⃣ you'll have direct access to Balazs over the next 6 months for personal, 1-2-1 sourcing consultation 2️⃣ we'll work on your markets and positions 3️⃣ you'll get 400+ slides and every recording
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Four reasons to buy the whole course

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1️⃣ get 22% discount on the list price 2️⃣ you'll have direct access to Balazs over the next 6 months for personal, 1-2-1 sourcing consultation 3️⃣ we'll work on your markets and positions 4️⃣ you'll get 400+ slides and every recording
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You’ve sent an InMail to a candidate on LinkedIn but they never reply… what do you do next? Do you move on to find someone else or rather, you try to find an email address or a phone number to this candidate and look them up on other channels? During this class I help you maximize these contact-hunting strategies

  1. Secret ways to find email addresses
  2. Finding phone numbers
  3. Discovering someone’s entire digital footprint
  4. Using chat-systems for candidate connection
  5. Contact-hunting toolkit: extensions, websites and special search engines

Practice: applying contact-hunting strategies in case of your current candidates


Emails that don’t generate a reply are basically wrong emails. There is tonnes of wisdom and best practices that we can learn from sales and marketing when it comes to candidate outreach and engagement. What is the secret of a winning email? What makes your candidates immediately reply back to you?

  • Email personalization 
  • The secrets of a perfect email. What is a great subject line? And a Call to Action? What makes an email become a SPAM? etc.
  • Emailing toolkit: all the toys and tools that you need to use to master your emails
  • Candidate outreach automation: engagement in high volume

Practice: composing intelligent email templates that you can use with every candidate


In this final class we share tools and technologies that help you automate certain parts of the end-to-end sourcing process (e.g. search automation, data scraping, automated candidate outreach techniques etc.). Beyond this I’ll also share twenty other sourcing productivity tools that you may want to have in your sourcing toolkit 

  • Data scraping overview
  • Research automation 
  • Automated candidate outreach toolkit 
  • Other sourcing productivity tools 

Practice: automated data scraping from LinkedIn, Facebook, Google and others

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