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While the current economies are slowing down and many companies have to temporarily hold back their growth plans we all know that downtime does not last forever and businesses will grow again and gain a new (and probably even greater) competitive shape.

Leverage this time to start building your future talent base. This is the perfect moment to do that! You have some spare time? You have recruiters in place? Let them learn a new skill-set and set them succeed against tomorrow’s hiring requirements.

In this webinar Balazs has shared all the ways to build enormous talent pipelines via massive sourcing automation and technology.

Get the recording & the slides for as little as 20,000 HUF (~57 EUR).

If you are interested in getting a custom sourcing training please get in touch with us via the below form.


  • Facebook Sourcing Mastery

    Balazs was one of the pioneers that realized the power of Facebook Sourcing. During this class you'll learn about all the ways to search for candidates with certain job titles, skills and employers, but also to identify hidden talents via secret Facebook likes or check-ins. An hour well-spent of your time!

  • The Seven Values of Sourcing

    Within most organizations, the number of hires that comes from genuinely passive candidates is often vey low. Usually, it hits around 5-15% of all hires. If direct sourcing, however, brings too few hires into the actual hiring mix, it can be challenging to define and defend the value of sourcing. Why do companies then still need to deal with sourcing? What's the value of that? Join Balazs on this exciting journey!

  • Diversity Sourcing

    What are the best and correct ways of building a diverse talent pool? How can we make sure that our recruitment efforts equally attract and motivate every qualified candidate to apply? How and when shall we directly increase the participation of a minority group? Learn about search and not only search best practices from Balazs!

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