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Talks about Sourcing and Diversity

Diversity sourcing is in everyone’s lip. But is this just another buzzword and feel-good corporate malarkey? This session will break myths and highlight the follies of what amounts to diversity sourcing today. It calls bullshit on what’s wrong and offers a new way forward.

Within most organizations, the number of hires that comes from genuinely passive candidates is often vey low. Usually, it hits around 5-15% of all hires. If direct sourcing, however, brings too few hires into the actual hiring mix, it can be challenging to define and defend the value of sourcing. Why do companies then still need to deal with sourcing? What’s the value of that? Join Balazs on this exciting journey!

While the sourcing and recruiting industry is loudly screaming hosanna to every bit of new technology – there is too little being said about the science and art of research. In this session Balazs shares those Seven Search Methods that he’s learnt from and sharpened together with various Sourcing Masters over the last 15 years.

He shares how he discovered his inner sourcing animal. He is a wolf. What is YOUR inner sourcing animal?

No matter how successful they are or might have been, sourcing delivery models must continue to evolve. Automation, ever-changing candidate expectations and global talent shifts make standing still an untenable option. Sourcing superstar Balazs Paroczay has sorted through the trends, successes and failures of the past 15 years to share what works and what doesn’t. He will present the pros and cons of building a fully centralized team vs. going entirely decentralized, and will discuss how advances in technology are affecting the evolution of sourcing models. Whatever your preferred sourcing model, Balazs will showcase ways to integrate high-tech and high-touch techniques into the mix. The future is now – join us!

Balazs was one of the pioneers that realized the power of Facebook Sourcing. During this class you’ll learn about all the ways to search for candidates with certain job titles, skills and employers, but also to identify hidden talents via secret Facebook likes or check-ins. An hour well-spent of your time!

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